Counselling and Psychotherapy help us get through difficult times by enabling us to make sense of achieve change in our lives. The focus is on working with feelings and emotions, and ways in which we relate to ourselves, other people and major life events.

Counselling could help if you:

  •  feel low, stressed or worried.
  •  lack confidence or have feelings of poor self worth.
  •  have suffered bereavement, loss or experienced other traumatic events.
  •  find relationships difficult or want to improve them.
  •  are worried about feelings and emotions you have difficulty managing.
  •  suffer from physical symptoms with no clear organic cause.
  • seek greater self-knowledge and wish to develop further your potential.

How could counselling and psychotherapy help?

Counselling offers you a confidential, safe space, allowing you to explore, heal and grow. Counselling will be engaging, supportive, non-judgmental and sometimes challenging.

There are various types of counselling and psychotherapy and we have a skilled, experienced team at Vinings. Please contact us for full details on 01444 441 210 or email us on  


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