EFT & Matrix Reimprinting

EFT & Matrix Reimprinting allows us to access and gently release negative beliefs, trauma and trapped emotion that can be holding us back from being our happiest and healthiest selves. 

EFT has been likened to emotional acupuncture (without the needles) as we use gentle finger tapping on points based on the same ancient Chinese meridian system. Whilst Matrix Reimprinting draws from modern psychology and NLP techniques.

Combined, they create the potential for powerful and deeply insightful healing across a number of physical, mental or emotional issues including (but not limited to); PTSD, Phobias, depression, physical pain, anxiety, lack of self esteem, grief, past life trauma, perfectionism and stress.

Life blocks and unwelcomed life patterns (in relationships, money or career etc.) can also be positively impacted by this work.

Gently working with the subconscious, we find and release beliefs and trauma contributing to the issue that is troubling you.

You will also leave with a tool that you can use to help manage your emotions on a daily basis.

Matrix Birth Reimprinting is a technique that specifically helps release birth trauma for both mother and child.

Your practitioner for this therapy is Ruth Anderson-Davis.


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