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Pregabalin buy from ukThis is the time of year when New Year’s Resolutions abound – losing weight, stopping smoking, doing more exercise – you know the sort of thing. Most people join a gym for all of a couple of months before giving up. Would-be non-smokers may try all sorts of sprays, gums and other remedies – but still the temptation is too strong. Hypnotherapy works to effectively “re-programme” old habits and establish fresh, healthier habits in the unconscious. For those who want to lose weight, I honestly believe the secret is in uncovering the real underlying emotional reasons why you are holding onto that excess weight in the first place. This could be due to any number of reasons in this life – or even a past-life trauma. Whatever the root cause, we will find it and, more importantly, resolve it, allowing you to move on with your life. And if the solution is a Hypnotic Gastric Band – I can do that too. It is non-invasive, safer, quicker and easier than bariatric surgery – and far more cost-effective too! So whatever your new year’s resolution – the answer could well be hypnotherapy! Pregabalin no prescriptions

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Coughs and Colds – and Natural Remedies where can i buy PregabalinCommuting on a daily basis, I am often sitting on a crammed train, listening to people sneezing, coughing and trying to shake off the winter bug. Which got me thinking about the three key Homeopathic remedies that I always carry with me during the winter season. The medical guidance via NHS Choices advises anyone who has had a cough for more than three weeks or one that is getting progressively worse to visit their GP and a piece of guidance I would also endorse. Some GPs may send the person for an Xray to eliminate other possible causes, but on most occasions, they may advise for you to let it run its course, which can take some considerable time depending on your individual immune system and other factors such as susceptibility. So what can you take if you want to avoid the strong over the counter cough mixtures or cold medicines? You could consult your homeopath, who will be able to recommend a remedy on an individual basis or you could visit your natural health store and purchase the three homeopathic remedies I have alluded to. Aconite A great remedy for any form of shock to the system, be it physical or emotional and one that is recommended when the winter cold is just starting. The key words for this remedy is sudden and Acute! Like the morning you wake up and you suddenly feel as though you have been hit by a train (no pun on commuting intended) and generally unwell. Physically, Aconite is great in treating symptoms such as, breathlessness, hoarse, dry cough which is worse at night that interferes with you getting a good nights sleep. Belladonna  The key words for this remedy are burning heat, violent and red. Typically, the ones associated with sore throats or acute tonsillitis. The cough that can comes with it, causes a violent pain in the throat and a constant sensation of heat and burning is felt, when breathing between coughs. Bryonia I remember during my professional training to become a registered homeopath, I remembered this remedy description by the term Dryonia and the word dry is key. The dry hacking cough that is worse when you go outside and take in the winter cold air and the type of cough that makes you sit upright and take deep breaths. The worse part of this cough is the need to hold your chest with your hand for support due to the discomfort it causes. This remedy is also a great one to have on you all year round if you suffer from splitting headaches. I would recommend purchasing a potency of 200c but if your store does not stock this, a 30c will also give some relief. I personally recommend, taking one tablet every 30 minutes for 3 tablets then between three and five times a day until you feel well enough to stop taking them. Remember the guidance about visiting your GP if you have any concerns about your health when suffering from a cough and cold, and also consult your Homeopath who can provide you with more information about your individual health and well being during the winter months. where to order Pregabalin online    

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Yaso is our resident herbal medicine lady. She has applied all of her scientific knowledge of plants and natural remedies to develop her own range of fabulous creams, lotions, oils and soaps that are kind on the skin and totally free of harmful chemicals. The range is called Centella and you can buy individual items or beautiful gift boxes that would make fabulous presents for those who want only the best skin care. For more information, visit the Centella website:  www.centellaskincare.co.uk   or call 07817 420 118.  


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