Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Our body was designed to deal with small amount of toxins. However, today the environmental pollution is at its worst. We ingest, inhale, apply and inject many toxins into our body with far-reaching results. The lymphatic system tends to be blocked by toxins due to its permeability to large molecules, in particular when bodily circulation is not functioning efficiently.

Inadequate drainage of the lymph results in swelling in the spaces between the tissues. This can cause pain and blockages including abscesses and a general feeling of lethargy and tiredness. It creates congestion which we expect our already overloaded immune system to cope with. The manual techniques of MLD can greatly ease these symptoms/problems.

As the flow of lymph is always towards the heart, MLD follows a certain sequence in order to clear the major lymphatic areas, with the abdomen treated first.

MLD generally uses light strokes, with the exception of the sequence on the abdomen. Receivers will be asked to inhale and exhale throughout the session, while the therapist uses gentle striking techniques to stimulate and encourage lymphatic circulation.


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