Pearl Wilton

Pearl Wilton (MA, LCM, AOSM, AMT & ESS, MIPTI)


Acupressure, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Shiatsu, Shin Tai

Initially trained as a massage therapist 22 years ago, Pearl understood early on that the complexities of human body is multi-faceted. In order to expand her knowledge on how to improve the wellbeing of clients, Pearl regularly goes on training courses for her Continuous Professional Development (CPD). As a result, Pearl has been able to work holistically with various techniques to cater for different needs.

Based on energetic diagnosis from the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and integrating other techniques/training, Pearl can often point clients towards the possible cause of their issues. She sees herself as the facilitator of communication between clients and their bodies on the way to recovery.

Apart from easing physical problems, the core of Pearl’s practice is helping clients release physical/psychological stress to restore the body/mind connection, and empower them to take care of themselves.

As a qualified Zen Yoga teacher, Pearl also gives energetic exercises to maintain effects of her treatments if required.


Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 6 pm


Remote appointment:  £50/hour;

In person appointment:  £35/0.5 hour, £65/hour, £80/1 ½ hours


Mobile: 07801260724


Remote sessions

Remote sessions are based on the principle of ‘energy follow thoughts’. Energy can travel over distance and through barriers. As in physical treatments, the therapist connects to the receiver only with consent, in remote sessions. Focus at a holistic energetic level, the therapist uses knowledge led protocols to establish the connection with the receiver.

Having remote sessions could be a good opportunity to observe and work on body energetics objectively. Not having physical contacts can help the therapist observe the body as a whole – a bird’s eye view, to discern the minor from the deep fundamental energetic issues. Once the foundation of our energetic system is sound, we have a strong base from which to activate and empower our own energy to guide and heal from within.

There are three kinds of remote sessions to choose from:

Shin Tai

Shin Tai means ‘Mind Body’. It focuses on the connection between the two and uses the body’s innate intelligence to heal from within. The immune system is just one of the wonders of that intelligence. Thus, it is possible that the regenerative mechanisms of the body can be activated during treatments.

Shin Tai can focuses on the whole body, or fascia, specific joints, chakras (energy centres), muscle and soft tissue to create a unique system that works with the receiver’s inner intelligence. Working from a distance offers an objective view, allows the body to reveal the real issues that need to be addressed, based on traditional Chinese medicine and intuitions from the receiver’s mind body connection.

Conceptional Work

Conceptional Work is a companion technique to Metamorphic Techniques. The latter help to dissolve the blocks that occur during a life time, whereas Conceptional Work helps to address what was determined at the point of conception. As conception is in the past, it can only be worked on remotely.

Conceptional work is based on the same principles as Metamorphic Techniques where the therapist is merely a facilitator, not attaching to any outcome or direction in the treatment. Detachment from any goals, allows the receiver to transform from their own essence and frees them from conditioning.

Conceptional Work can help to liberate guidance from within to allow you to become who you really are, with ease and grace.


Reiki means ‘Universal life force’ or ‘soul power’. Reiki is the Japanese name for a timeless eternal energy which mankind has accessed in many different cultures. It is the energy around us and within us.

Reiki as a therapy is a safe, integrated technique which involves the use of gentle light touch on the body or energy can be sent over distance to transfer healing energy. This energy can revitalize and restore imbalances thus creating harmony of mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a healing energy with grounding quality of Earth. If you need additional support, Reiki is a gentle supportive therapy.


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