Life Coaching

Whilst daily stress is something the vast majority of us experience and discover ways of managing – through either making changes to our lifestyle or massage treatments – feeling continually under pressure over a long period of time can start to affect our health causing problems with both our physical and emotional well being as well as often placing relationships in jeopardy.

Stress, anxiety and tiredness can all breed one another and we often tend to make more mistakes, become less productive and depressed when faced with long term exposure to increased stress.

The answer to this very common problem often requires more than just a quick solution, requiring more of a detailed analysis of ones lifestyle, coupled with a system of personalised support to help you re-charge and re-focus to create your future

  • Healing and Life Styling are especially good for ongoing stressful situations and where we seem to be going round in circles and unable to make constructive decisions.
    • Times when we are experiencing changes
    • When we are coping with loss
    • When we have challenging decisions to make
    • Debilitating health issues
    • Times when we just don’t feel right
    • Releasing old past traumas
    • Helping through periods of transition
    • Any situation where we feel overwhelmed, anxious, angry, unhappy
    • When we really have had enough and want to move on

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