Aromatherapy massage uses a combination of Essential Oils individually blended in a specially selected base oil to assist you in your healing process. Aromatic plants and oils were used in the ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt India and China where their inherent healing properties were recognised for both the physical and emotional body. Oils also played an important role in ritual and religious ceremonies and they are still used for these purposes to-day. Aromatherapy essential oils can have very powerful effects on your moods as the part of the brain that detects smell messages from the nose – olfactory bubs – is closely linked with your emotional centre located in a part of the brain called the limbic system. Combining the benefits of essential oils with those of therapeutic massage can enhance the circulation of blood and lymph, relax and tone tense, tired muscles and promote a sense of overall vitality and well being. Your Practitioners for this therapy are Carole Thornton and Sophia Russell.


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