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As locals will know only too well by now, there are serious – and long-term – roadworks in South Road, the main A272 that goes through Haywards Heath. Part of the official diversion brings cars along Church Road – right past the entrance to Vinings Natural Health Centre! We are using this opportunity to put more signage by the entrance to show drivers and passengers where we are – one man’s traffic jam is another’s promotional boost, as they say! We’ve had several outings and events in the past few months and what we have found is that, while lots of people have heard of us and know about us, lots more haven’t. Perhaps they are new to the town, or haven’t strayed behind the Orchards into Church Road – or maybe they are totally new to holistic and / or complementary therapies. In any event, we use any opportunity we can to let people know where we are and what we do, because we are proud of our therapists and the treatments they provide, and we know how much they can help people improve their overall wellbeing. And if you’d like to lower your stress levels from being stuck in traffic during the hot, sticky weather – we could recommend a lovely massage, or perhaps some acupuncture, or even some hypnotherapy: why not pop in and see for yourself?


Written by Caroline Burton. Posted in Blog

The sky was blue and the sun shone all day for the Lindfield Village Day – the perfect backdrop for a traditional celebration of village life. As in previous years, we had a stall to meet people and talk about the range of therapies and treatments on offer at Vinings Natural Health Centre in Church Road. Isobel, Carole and Caroline were giving free head, shoulder and neck massages – they were kept busy as you can imagine! Out front, Judy was distributing our new brochure and answering questions about who and what and where and how – it was a great team effort! We enjoy getting out and meeting people, and already we have Saturday 13th September in our diaries – Haywards Heath Town Day!


Written by Caroline Burton. Posted in Blog

It seems ages ago that we held our Open Day, and our therapists are still getting calls from people who come along to see us on the day, which is very encouraging. The Open Day was held to mark the 25th anniversary of Vinings Natural Health Centre offering holistic and complementary therapies and treatments to those in and around Haywards Heath. Things have changed a lot in the last 25 years, of course, and it was lovely to welcome a new generation of people to Vinings to meet our team of therapists. Those offering taster sessions in acupuncture and various forms of massage were kept very busy while other therapists made time to talk about their work to those who wondered how it all worked. The lucky winners of our raffle won vouchers for free sessions – congratulations to you all! The challenge is that, having been in our lovely peaceful location for 25 years, we have perhaps become part of the local furniture, and so it was great fun to have a stand in The Orchards Shopping Centre on a couple of occasions prior to the Open Day, to meet people and say “hello”. Friends old and new stopped by for a chat, and many went home with a copy of our new brochure which explains exactly who we are and what we do. We’ll be holding more “Taster Days” in the autumn, another opportunity for you to drop in and meet the team – and maybe win a voucher for a free session yourself!

Past Lives and Life between Lives Workshop Sunday 18th May

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On Sunday 18th May, our hypnotherapist and past life therapist Judy Sharp will be holding another of her regular half-day workshops at Vinings. In what promises to be a fascinating morning, Judy will explore a number of key areas related to Past Lives and Life between Lives:
  • an overview of how the concepts of past lives and reincarnation are viewed among different civilisations and through different times in history
  • examples taken from the mounting mountain of evidence and researched, verified case studies from around the world
  • examples of ways in which traumas experienced in a past life may well be at the root cause of issues in our current lives – health, relationships, money and more
  • what exactly is “life between lives” and what happens in that period?
  • your soul group travels with you through lifetimes – who is with you this time round, and what role do they play?
Workshop starts at 10.00am and will finish around 1.00pm,  with run-over time for questions if needed. Price:  £20 to include refreshments at coffee break. Information and booking: Judy Sharp   Tel:   01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512 Email: Website:


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