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from Yaso Shan, our herbal medicine specialist For those of us lucky enough to be able to afford a holiday this summer, here are some tips for staying healthy using natural or herbal remedies without overloading the system with synthetic chemicals and medications. You can avoid the usual pitfalls by good preparation that involve boosting immunity and getting fit at least 2-3 weeks before departure. A good immune booster such as echinacea or Siberian ginseng should help. The latter will be good at helping you cope with stress too as we all know that travelling can be quite a shock to the nerves (especially the airport experience!). Apart from the usual vaccinations that are necessary for the final destinations, there are the usual and common problems:
  • skin health (sunburn, prickly heat, allergic skin rashes)
  • gut problems (diarrhoea, travel sickness, nausea, vomiting)
  • headaches and hangovers
  • digestive upset and bloating
  • insect bites and insect stings
I always advise plenty of mineral water (not tap water as one cannot be guaranteed the level of water safety in a foreign country). Other sensible precautions include wearing a wide-brimmed hat and avoiding the midday sun wherever possible without protection (usually 10am-4pm depending on the climate and location of that country). Desisting in sunbathing is something that can never be legislated for but if one must….. a good sunscreen with a high enough sun protection factor (SPF) is vital. Fair skins require extra protection as this kind of skin tends to burn rather than tan. Eye protection with a good brand sunglasses with adequate polarised lenses is also necessary to protect the eyes. Pack insect repellent (lavender EO is just as good and smells much nicer than most!) as well as an OTC antihistamine cream, a good brand probiotic supplement and a range of teas (see below).   Herbal Help:
  • sunburn (aloe vera gel, chamomile cream, calendula cream)
  • insect bits & stings (lavender EO, citronella EO, witch hazel or plaintain cream)
  • diarrhoea (strong black tea or charcoal tablets)
  • upset stomach (peppermint oil, ginger lozengers or fennel tea)
  • travel sickness & nausea (ginger tablets, sweets or as a tea)
  • irritability and stress (chamomile, lemon balm, passion flower all as teas)
  • natural antihistamines (bromelain or quercitin supplements, nettle tea)
  • hangovers/headaches (water and plenty of it! feverfew or willow bark tablets)
  • general pain (willow bark tablets)
  • fevers (initially elderflower and/or yarrow tea or see a doctor if temperature does not fall)
It is essential that you read up on the health advice issued for travel to the country of your destination and take sensible precautions before, during and after the holiday. There is usually plenty of information provided by the Tourist Boards of each country and please take the time to read through what is provided to avoid the usual pitfalls. Have a happy holiday! related text  Pregabalin buy from uk

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buy Pregabalin online cheapThis is Mr Woo, a life-size model showing acupuncture points (there are lots of them, as you can see!). Mr Woo came with us to our stall in the Orchards a while back, and he was also at our Open Day at Vinings Natural Health Centre itself. He was a great hit with younger visitors, and was the perfect way to introduce people of all ages to the concept of energy points around the body.

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It’s a frantic time of year, isn’t it? End of term activities are building to a climax; summer holidays are just around the corner – and even the weather is being, well, summery! If you find that you are getting just too stressed out, take a bit of time out before your holiday. Yes, that’s right, de-stress before your holiday, so that you can enjoy your time away to the full. At Vinings Natural Health Centre you can choose from a tempting choice of massages, or perhaps some footcare to prepare your hard-working feet for summer sandals and sandy beaches? Reflexology can relax and unwind you, while acupuncture can work wonders on all sorts of summer conditions. Browse through our menu of treatments and therapies and see which catch your eye – then you can go off on your holidays knowing you’re in great shape at every level!


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