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It’s not always easy to choose the perfect present for that someone special – may we suggest something a little different? How about a gift voucher from Vinings Natural Health Centre? Starting from just £15, the vouchers allow the lucky recipient to choose a treatment from any of our practitioners. It could be a pampering aromatherapy massage perhaps, or a treat for the feet. Acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal remedies can restore balance in the body and improve overall wellbeing. Or what about a past life regression? If you would like to give the gift of wellbeing this Christmas – call Caroline on 07552 167 439 or email her on  caroline@vinings.myzen.co.uk for more information.    

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You know what it’s like when you’ve organised a party or an event, and you are never quite sure how many people are going to turn up? So it was for our recent Taster Day – but we didn’t have to worry at all! At one minute past ten, the first couple arrived to have their free taster sessions of everything that was on offer – and it went from there! The therapists who were offering free tasters were kept busy all day – visitors enjoyed acupuncture, reflexology and different kinds of massage. It was easy to spot those who had received treatments – they floated out of the door with smiles on their faces! The talks proved popular as well. Helen Malik talked about food intolerances, a common issue nowadays, especially with so much processed food in the typical diet and hidden “nasties” in many so-called natural foods. Yaso Shan demonstrated her skills and experience with herbal remedies and even made up a herbal remedy to ease arthritis during her presentation! Judy Sharp talked about the various ways in which past life traumas can trigger issues in the current lifetime, including relationships, health and money. It was all food for thought! We were delighted to see so many old friends there, and to welcome new friends to Vinings for the first time. Because Vinings has been going for 25 years, some people said “I used to come to you years ago, how lovely that you are still here!” while others said, “we’ve only recently moved to the town and we hadn’t found you until now” – so it showed that by getting out and about at The Orchards and the Town Day, we do meet new people! If you knew us ages ago, or if you have only just found us – come along and say hello!

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We are looking forward to opening our doors and welcoming visitors for our Taster Day this coming Sunday, 21st September. It coincides with a Family Fun Day in the Broadway in Haywards Heath so we are hoping people will make a full day of it! What could be nicer than having a whole day of fun – as long as the lovely weather holds! where can i buy Pregabalin


  • Vinings Natural Health Centre
    Clover Court, Church Road
    Haywards Heath
    West Sussex
    RH16 3UF