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Hello, I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Sandra Slinger
and I am a Hypnotherapist now working at Vinings Natural Health
I am very excited to be working in Haywards Heath and look forward to
meeting new clients.
I am a mum of four children and have a mischievous Maltese terrier and
a Yorkie who loves nothing more than sitting on a knee and being
Many people are struggling with stress and anxiety at the moment so I
thought I would post a Free “Help With Anxiety” Video.

I love being a hypnotherapist. Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss are
two issues that I especially enjoy tackling. Helping a client change long-
established negative behaviours can be life-changing. It’s wonderful to
see clients free and moving forward positively.
Phobias are another thing that I enjoy working with. Phobias can really
debilitate a person’s life making it very difficult to function positively. A
few sessions are usually all that is needed to help a client stop being
controlled by negative behaviours.
If anything is stopping you living the life you want to live or you have any
questions or would like to chat about any issues that you are dealing
with, please contact me for a free phone chat on 01273 857 966 or
I look forward to meeting you.
Sandra Slinger


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