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Your basic need for control and autonomy

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog

woman in control of thingsThe need to have control of our lives, and the need to be ‘master of our own destiny’, is a core basic human need. As children grow and learn, they work from dependence to greater and greater independence as the years progress. It is an essential part of the survival of any species that its young be able to fly the nest and be individuals in their own right. Perhaps this is the reason that a loss of control or autonomy in our lives has been found to lead to symptoms of panic, anxiety and depression.

Book Club 21 April 2020

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Book Club

Sadly we had to postpone our previous meeting.

The great news is that we have now re-launched the club online via Zoom Video.

We’d love to see you – and welcome your contributions to the discussion – at our April book club.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 21 April, online.. If you would like to join in, please email the Chair, Robert Sanders –

Our book this month is How To Be Human: The Manual by Ruby Wax.

We hope to see you there to have a chat.

The need to give and receive attention

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog

friends chatting need to give and receive attentionAs I write this latest in the series of blogs on our basic psychological needs, Valentines Day is nearly upon us. Naturally attitudes vary about this day with it’s increasing commercial attention. The purpose of the day has become increasingly blurred, with people giving cards and presents to loved ones at various levels. There are even websites promoting Valentines for pets!

At it’s simplest though, perhaps it is an opportunity to focus on the basic need for intimacy that we discussed in the previous blog of this series. Remember that intimacy is something that can be shared at different levels with different people. It’s not necessarily about love and romance.

Closely linked to intimacy is another basic human need – the need to regularly give and receive attention.

Workshop – Overcome worry, anxiety and stress through daily journaling habits

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Activities

Tuesday 4 February 2020
Cost £30
Café Rouge, Haywards Heath

In this 2 hour workshop, NLP Master Practitioner, Robert Sanders will work with you to explore anxiety, stress and low mood in you or your loved ones. He will then show you how adding some simple habits to your daily routines. These can help you overcome symptoms of
anxiety, stress and depression.

Some of the habits demonstrated will be:

  • basic psychological needs
  • worry time
  • assessing feelings
  • visualisation
  • gratitude

You will get a chance to try these methods yourself, using his recent book, ‘The Anxiety Habits Journal’ to help create a practical daily and weekly routine that encourages you towards positive change.


Booking is essential.
Tickets are available at

A copy of the book will be provided
to all attendees.
anxiety habits journal


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