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Are you feeling safe and secure?

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog

An article by Robert Sanders, Life Coach, Timeline Therapist and NLP Practitioner
at Vinings Natural Health Centre

We all need to feel safe and secure. This seems like one of the most straightforward of the basic psychological needs. Your unconscious (or subconscious) mind is naturally sensitive to any threats to your safety and security. This need for security is the origin of our most deep-based fears. This is where you learn to notice dangers and respond instinctively to them.

Common sense tells us that we need to avoid things like fire, physical violence, falling from a great height, being attacked by a wild animal, being poisoned or being severely cold or exposed. These go without saying, and your unconscious mind knows how to protect you from these, so you may feel natural fear when faced with a lion, or something being on fire. You will instinctively avoid standing close to the edge on a high building if there is no barrier. You will want to get somewhere warm or wrap your clothes tighter around you if it gets cold.

7 ways to look after your mind and body

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog

We all have a basic psychological need to look after our minds and bodies. This is one of the prime directives of our unconscious minds and mentioned in the list of basic needs identified by the Human Givens Institute

It stands to reason that we have evolved this as a psychological driver. If we were not intrinsically designed to look after ourselves then surely, as a race, we could not survive. This drive exists across the natural world, every living thing lives with the overall drive to survive physically and mentally (within its capacity to do so).

What is amazing is the extent to which we, as humans, appear to push against this need!

12 Ways to Fulfil your Natural Need for Attention

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog


Robert Sanders, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Timeline Therapist at Vinings, writes:

In my previous article, Are you aware of your needs , I wrote about the nine basic human needs, suggested in the Human Givens approach. Fulfilling these needs could be the key to improving our well-being and mental health.

When you are suffering from issues such as depression, anxiety or generally experiencing low mood and having trouble coping with life, paying more attention to these needs, even slightly, can lead to greater happiness.

The need to give and receive attention.

In this article I am focussing on the first of these needs – the need to ‘give and receive attention’.

If you have ever had a small child, you will know all about the need to receive attention. As very small children, getting the attention of others is a key to survival and self-development. When you think about it, without the attention of a parent or family member, a child would not be able to get the food and care it needs. Equally the child would not learn language or develop other basic tools for future independence.

Are you aware of your needs?

Written by Robert Sanders. Posted in Basic Human Needs, Blog

Robert Sanders, NLP Practitioner, Timeline Therapist and Life Coach at Vinings, talks about “needs” – at every level:

We all know that our bodies need certain things to maintain them. Without food, water, air and sleep we would very soon be in serious trouble, and ultimately die. These needs are so vital, that when we don’t fulfill them correctly, our bodies and our unconscious minds let us know in very clear ways:

  • Your stomach rumbles when you are hungry;
  • Your mouth feels parched when you are thirsty;
  • If you run out of air, you gasp for breath;
  • If you lack sleep, you may literally fall unconscious or even experience strange effects such as hallucinations.

In a similar way, it is widely agreed, there are certain basic psychological needs, which have developed in human beings universally, which if not fulfilled to a certain degree, will result in psychological problems – for example anger, sadness, anxiety or depression.


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