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order Pregabalin overnightObesity is, if you’ll forgive the pun, a growing problem in this country. Depending on which reports you read, up to 70% of us are clinically overweight, while more than 40% of us would be classified as obese.

There is a huge media-driven paradox about weight. On the one hand, everywhere you look, there is food – whole shelves of magazines dedicated to it, TV programmes and overnight celebrities and, of course, advertisements to tempt us to “treat yourselves” or “enjoy”. And on the other hand, there is an exaggerated obsession with being slim to the point of skeletal.
No wonder, then, that many people are confused about what they should eat, what is good and what isn’t. It is perfectly possible to read an article explaining why sugar and dairy products are bad for you, then switch on the TV and see people making meringues or cream-filled cakes!

We asked a couple of our therapists for their views on weight loss. First, our Herbalist Yaso Shan. Yaso is a Medical herbalist who also lectures in the Health & Biomedical Sciences, so she is ideally placed to comment on trends and fashion in the pharmaceutical “pop a pill” approach to slimming. You can find out more about Yaso and her work on her website: want to buy Pregabalin .

Anyone wishing to lose weight really needs to do the maths before embarking on any “quick fix”, especially those that involve over-the-counter (OTC) pills. The science of weight loss is really simple. In short, output must equal input is weight gain is to be avoided. That is, the amount of food eaten (energy content) must equal the amount of calories burned through daily energy consumption and / or activity. This does not factor in the quality of the diet and any health practitioner will advise and focus on nutritional values as well as quantities. With age, the metabolic rate declines so more care is needed regarding quantity of food. The quality of our diet is really important, there is no “one size fits all”. Body shape also changes over the years, so exercise patterns need to change to reflect those changes. Exercise has many benefits, not least increasing the metabolic rate.

Yaso works with natural herbs and remedies, and can tailor-make remedies that are just right for you. You can call her on 01444 441 210 or 07817 420 118.

And second, our hypnotherapist Judy Sharp. Judy is an experienced hypnotherapist who combines hypnotherapy with past life and spirit release work, and also “fits” hypnotic gastric bands if appropriate. You can find out more about Judy and her work on her website:  where to buy Pregabalin uk

My approach to weight loss is to help the client to uncover the emotional root causes – why are they holding on to excess weight? In my experience, it could be one of many reasons, from childhood abuse to bullying at school; from miscarriage or still-birth to a painful relationship split. The excess weight could be protection or comfort – but when it gets out of control, or when it is no longer needed or appropriate, then we need to let it go. It is quite common to find that people who have an obsession with food in this life have starved to death in a previous life, and have “carried forward” the thought “I will never go hungry again”.
I worked with a young lady last year who wanted to get rid of her excess weight. By her own admission, her diet was dreadful, but she could not stop thinking about food. In the first session we did some spirit release work after which she completely lost her craving for cakes, biscuits and sweets – she had been feeding a “passenger” with a sweet tooth! In a past life session, yes she had starved to death, so we resolved that too. By the time we had finished, her workmates were commenting on how well she looked – but most importantly, she had re-discovered her true self, and had taken back control of her life and her eating habits.
Another lady I worked with said she had tried every diet in the book and then some! She had gone through the menopause, that had only made things worse, the weight would not shift. We talked about her life and it emerged that she had lost two babies at birth. To me that was a key issue, and sure enough when we explored that at soul level, then was a huge amount of guilt and grief to be dealt with. After many tears and much deep healing, the change in the client was clearly visible. After several sessions, she too had re-connected with her true self, better placed to cope with current challenges – and without the excess weight that no longer served her.
I will fit a hypnotic gastric band if the client and I feel that it is necessary. Quite often, even those clients who arrive determined to have one decide that they don’t need it after all – and that’s fine by me too! You can find out more about hypnotic gastric banding on my website, or give me a call on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.

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“Who is a typical client for hypnotherapy? What would a client come to see me for?” asks Vinings’ Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, Judy Sharp.

I have been looking through my client files recently, analysing who it is who has come to see me, and why.

The age range is from mid-20s to late 60s, with a couple of clients in their 70s. Proportion about 1/3 men to 2/3 women. Issues range far and wide, from various fears and phobias to giving up smoking; from weight problems to pain control. But actually, underlying many of these “presenting problems” as we call them, were emotional and relationship issues.

Typically a woman will reach that point in her life when the youngest child is just off to university, there could well be a crisis of some kind in the relationship with her husband, perhaps issues from her childhood have been triggered …. any one of these on its own would be enough to pile on weight, but two or more and it is almost certain that there will be comfort eating and it will be tough to get rid of the excess weight. I don’t recommend more hours in the gym or fewer lettuce leaves for lunch; rather I help the client to trace back the real root cause of the issue, and we resolve it at source, be that childhood in this life or way back in another lifetime. 

Or it may be that a client will say something like, “I feel something’s come over me” or “I’m not myself” or “I want my old self back:” Have you found yourself saying that? That indicates to me that you could well have picked up a spirit “Passenger” along the way. Nothing dramatic, it can be sorted out very easily – and voilá, you have your old self back!

Fear of success; addictive behaviours; nagging anxiety; sleep walking or activity in a sleep state; lack of confidence: do any of those ring a bell with you? If so – you are a typical client for hypnotherapy, and I would love to hear from you!

You can call me on 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.

My website is:   buy Pregabalin canada online  and you will find lots more information about me and the way I work there.

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Kirsty Lander, Vinings’ Naturopath, has a very special offer on all bookings made with her from 11th to 22nd July, for sessions up to 12th August 2016.

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You can find more information on Kirsty’s website, cheap Pregabalin and you can “like” her Facebook page “Sussex Naturopath” to be kept up to date with offers, health tips and the latest research in the field of natural health. 



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