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By Chrissie Dimitri-Cooper

The clarity that comes with awareness serves to wake us up.

There is so much beauty around us. How much of it are we truly aware of?  Do we look at it with the wonderment of a child, as if we are seeing it for the first time? We all notice the splendour of the colourful spring flowers, which are so welcome after winter, but are we awake enough to appreciate the life force that manifests through them to bring their beauty into existence? For many people, the answer is probably “No”. For those who are more awake and aspire to live in the moment, the answer may be “Sometimes”.

Nevertheless, even when aspiring to be aware, we can be under the illusion we are seeing clearly. The state of heightened awareness, as distinct from everyday observation, only takes place when we are able to put aside our conditioned thinking. This is more difficult than it appears, particularly when it comes to relationships.

How aware are you of those you know well and with whom you have an emotional connection?  Bring to mind someone close to you and see if you can recall the colour of their eyes and any distinguishing marks they have.

You might be aware of their physicality, but how awake are you to their inner life? Are you aware of their feelings or only of your own? Do you believe you know, from past experience, what to expect from them or are you able to see them as they are in that moment?

If we can suspend our sense of knowing, and our expectations, and just be open, we are rewarded with a more expanded viewpoint. Our own behaviour changes in response to our new outlook, which influences the other person’s expectation of us, and in turn their behaviour.

Awareness brings transformation.  When we begin to see things as they are, without the filters through which we habitually look, wonderful things can happen. 

Cultivating awareness is an ongoing process, which practices like mindfulness meditation and Pregabalin buy from ukwill naturally lead us into.  It is not something that can be rushed or acquired in a weekend!

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” 

Henry Miller

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Many people are feeling a little concerned with the current political, economic and general situation. It will pass – everything does – and please do not feed into the fear around it all.

We are now in a Global economy and this does seem to be causing a lot of uncertainty, but we have been here before and will recover from it.

All of us need to do what we can individually and keep our focus on what we can control which is ourselves. Ignore all the scary stories but be aware of what is happening – reduce electricity consumption where you can, dig out some old warm clothes or buy a comfortable hoodie; and do whatever you can to enjoy life. The Autumn colours are wonderful, a walk in nature is uplifting (be a big kid and crunch through the leaves), and remember we are at the point of change which is always uncomfortable.

We must all try to flow with life, not against it, and avoid being caught up in the cycle of fear: Easy to say not so easy to do but really it is the only way forward.

Enjoy the last of the Summer sun and nature’s beauty at this time of the year.

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Yaso Shan, our resident medical herbalist kick-started our clinic’s Autumn series of talks on holistic health and well-being. Her incredibly popular discussion on whether HRT is safe.presented an informative and evidence-based talk on recent controversies. She answered what many women want to know about the safety of HRT for menopause, providing reassurance and effective alternatives including plant remedies.


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