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Our January Book Club meeting proved to be a lively affair with a number of different opinions and viewpoints – everyone took part in the discussion and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 18 February at Cafe Rouge, The Broadway, Haywards Heath.

Our book this month is Conversations With God: Book 4 Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch.

We hope to see you there to have a chat over a tea or coffee.

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buy Pregabalin cheapExam season is almost upon us and many young people will be working towards qualifications in earnest now.

It can be hard enough focusing on doing the work and making sure you are revising thoroughly enough. For many, though there is the stress, anxiety and worry of the exams themselves. 

Exams, by definition, can be very stressful. By their very nature they ‘high stakes’ and can feel like your whole future depends on them. Added to this, they frequently take place in an alien environment that is nothing like the normal learning space. Students can feel isolated and exposed in a hall of desk upon desk.

It is no wonder that many students can experience varying symptoms.  Ranging from butterflies, lack of sleep and even occasionally all-out panic attack both before and during the exams.

I am one of Vinings’ Life Coaches and a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.  I have worked with many teenagers and older students, both in schools and one-to-one. By changing the way they experience the exams and employing some techniques, I have found that they can often feel significantly better.

Feeling better can also mean that students perform better and can be more focused on their work.

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That is why I have planned this one-off exam confidence session on Tuesday 30 April at Cafe Rouge in Haywards Heath.

The session is aimed at students and a parent or parents. I will talk about the causes and effects of exam stress and then teach some techniques and approaches that can help students cope better over the period. The presence of parents ensures that there is someone else who is familiar with the techniques who can support them to consciously use the techniques going forward.

If you are interested in attending this event, numbers are limited to 22 and some places are already allocated so please do sign up soon. You can buy Pregabalin india, or make your booking directly over the phone on 07877074053.


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    Clover Court, Church Road
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